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Open Crumb Mastery: For the Intermediate Sourdough Baker -- 2nd Edition

"How do I get an open crumb?"

It's a question we've all asked.

This updated and expanded edition of Open Crumb Mastery will provide you the answer. It is an in-depth study of dough structure and the factors which affect it. Its main areas of focus are fermentation, structure building, dough handling, and working with wet dough. Included are case studies, a cheat sheet for achieving various styles of open crumb, and plenty of photographs depicting those crumb styles.

This is NOT for beginners.

It does not teach you how to make sourdough bread. It does not show you how to create a starter. It does not provide recipes.

This book is intended only for intermediate sourdough bakers -- those who already have a sourdough starter and know how to bake bread with it. As such, it assumes the reader is already familiar with sourdough and understands baking terminology.

But for intermediate sourdough bakers looking to take their crumb to the next level, this 384 page reference will help shed light on the mysteries surrounding open crumb.

Please note: this pdf document is not formatted for smaller viewing devices such as cell phones. Text will be small and difficult to read. Purchase not recommended unless you have a larger reading device (e-reader, tablet, laptop, PC, etc.).

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